This form serves as an agreement between the Client (Filled Below) and Photographer (Ashu Photo) on a standard photography project.  Secure your photo project in three easy steps: 1)  Fill out the form below, 2)  Read the Photography Contract, and 3) Pay the Deposit. 
Filling out the form below confirms that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Photography Contract and will pay the Deposit before any photography work is started. 

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Completing the form above confirms that you agree to the following terms and conditions between you (Client) and Ash Shah (Ashu Photo)
I, Ashutosh Shah, will be providing professional photography services to the Client based on the agreed upon rate, location, date, and allocated time dedicated to the shoot.  
Photographer provides all work to Client as an Independent Contractor.  Unless otherwise specified, the Photographer will send the Client a number of photos in digital format within 3-4 weeks of the date of the photo shoot downloadable in high resolution JPEG format.  
Use of Photos
Client is given full, unrestricted license to use the final photos, but use of the name Ashu Photo or Ashutosh Shah as photographer is restricted and may be used only by express written consent of Ashutosh Shah as photographer and on behalf of Ashu Photo. Photographer and Ashu Photo reserves the copyrights to the images and may uses said images in advertising or portfolio materials. Client does not retain the rights to use the name or reference to the company Ashu Photo, especially for additional edits, printing, marketing, advertising, display, video formatting, or any photo manipulation as designated by the Client or third party. Ashu Photo and Photographer reserve any and all rights necessary to protect the reputation and best interest of the company and quality of work provided. Client agrees not to post any negative online reviews on any social media regarding Ashutosh Shah as photographer and/or Ashu Photo
Photographer will provide his own transport to location, along with Photo Assistant(s) if necessary, set up of equipment, tear down, lighting, backdrop if necessary, and professionally edited digital photos.  Software edits include color enhancements, removing stray hairs, smoothing of skin and clothing, contrast, white balance, saturation, exposure, sharpening, cropping, and other touch ups that enhance the photo.  Software edits do not include photo manipulations, such as adding people who were not in the photo shoot, adding backdrops, removing backdrops, change of clothes, change of location, or other photo manipulations that distort or completely alter the state of the photo from the original set up.
Photography location as decided upon by Client and Photographer must be within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas.  Any location beyond would require additional cost for transporting equipment, assistant(s), and possible agreement with location manager including booking fees and deposits.
Deposit is non-refundable and mandatory to confirm photography assignment.  Deposit must be paid within specified time frame per written notice.  Without deposit photography assignment is unconfirmed, therefore void of this contract.
Deposit can be made via PayPal via link:
Payment can be made via PayPal via link:
Photographer will contact Client 24 hours before photography appointment with information pulled from  If there is a 50% chance of rain or more, appointment can be changed to a different date, time, or location based on the availability of Client and Photographer with no penalty to the Client.  If there is less than a 50% chance of rain, appointment can be held at original time and location unless Photographer and Client decide otherwise.
Additional Photos
Additional photos can be purchased either in digital format or prints.  .
Project Modifications
Costs of modifications will be handled on a case-by-case basis in direct correlation between Ashu Photo and client.  These costs include:  
Client requested modifications that increase costs
Client requested modifications that decrease costs
Photographer requested modifications that increase costs
Photographer requested modifications that decrease costs
Natural but unforeseen occurrences that effect the project (weather, sickness, client location that is not ready or as described, etc.).
Late Fees
If invoice is not paid in full within net 30 days from the day it was received via PayPal, there a 15% late penalty shall be applied. This late fee is non-refundable. After 60 days late, annual interest of 18% per annum shall be applied to unpaid balance. In addition to interest, any account over 90 days shall be taken to small claims court or sent to third party collections and Client shall be liable for all costs of collection, including but not limited to any court costs, filing fees, collection fees and attorney's fees. Partial payments must be agreed upon by both parties and in writing and Ashu Photo reserves the right to waive penalties and interest at its sole discretion.
Breach of Contract
In the event Client breaches this Contract, Client shall be liable for all costs associated with enforcing this Contract, including but not limited to court costs, fees and attorney's fees

Liquidated Damages
In the event Client breaches this Contract, Client shall be liable for all costs associated with enforcing this Contract, including but not limited to court costs, fees and attorney's fees

Any considerations outside of these regular terms and conditions are on a per Client basis between Client and Ashu Photo and must be stated in writing.  However, if legal council is involved in any disputes between Client and Ashu Photo than this Photography Contract may be used as reference. 
By typing your full name above, client is agreeing to the terms of this Photography Contract.  Cancellation must be requested in writing by emailing Photographer at least 24 hours in advance at
You can contact the Photographer at any time at, or 214-892-3522.
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